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I'm obsessed with Supernatural



by Essenti ( Cutbu Crew )




This is part one of me coping with “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”.

There’s a longer version but nyeeeeh I’m drunk

in the longer version they make out dont they mandy

dont they

oops you found me out…


Adoravengers: Scene Eight Part Two

Wherein Loki throws a hissy fit, the German language is violently murdered, and cheap tactics are deployed by the creator.

SO GUESS WHO STOPPED BEING A LAZY, EASILY DISTRACTED FUCK AND FINALLY FINISHED PART TWO? It doesn’t help that Steam sales and a long-awaited visit from my boyfriend happened. Like, seriously, last night I was all “Dude, it’s been almost two months, at least get Part Two done…BUT OH GOD NEW VEGAS LET’S GO MACHETE SUPER MUTANTS IN THE FACE I’VE GOT SPUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURS THAT JINGLE JANGLE JINGLE.”

So yeah, time to get crackin’ on Part Three.

Herr Helm…