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i know kyoani isn’t going to do it sO I DID IT

pLE Ase

even just a little bit ;_;

jugzdaclown asked
I know that in movies, the type that is most commonly played as villains are the NTJs. Can you give some examples of how some of the other types would be as villains ?



XNTP villains: thrive on chaos and making your life hell. Their Ne-Fe will read you like an open book, their Ti will analyze you, and the scary part is, they can revise their plans on the spur of the moment, as inspiration strikes, so nothing thwarts them since they have another six ideas to make your life miserable or society implode up their sleeve.

XNFP villains: pursue their own idealistic visions and personal desires at the cost of other people’s lives. Their Fi is warped to such an extent that it makes them only care about their personal gratification and sees others as expendable; while their Ne makes them creative, able to see multiple possibilities in any situation, and likely to be delusional. They are often motivated by their own personal pain and isolation, and take great joy in forcing you to experience similar suffering.

XSTP villains: will take you for everything you are worth. Their Se makes them thrill-seeking opportunists, their Fe makes them naturally able to both manipulate you on an emotional level and mimic genuine emotion, and their Ti makes them smart enough to avoid getting caught. Like the ENTP, they can revise their plans on the fly… but even scarier, they have Ni, which allows them to go in for a long-term evil plan with futuristic implications.

XSFP villains: are thrill-seeking sadists based entirely in the moment. Their Se makes them temper-tantrum throwing individuals driven to immediate gratification, while their evil Fi makes them immune to other people’s feelings and their Te makes them want to control, dominate, and inflict pain on other people.

XSTJ villains: are hardcore traditionalists who thrive on forcing others to surrender to their will and in establishing rules where none should exist. They will rigidly be faithful to outdated systems (religious, moralistic, cultural, or otherwise) while simultaneously repressing freedom of thought and crushing any new ideas beneath an iron shoe.

XSFJ villains: never get over anything, ever, and their mission in life is to hunt you down and make you pay for what you did to them (Si). Either that, or their mommy issues and upbringing will cause them to turn on you in a remote hotel to appease and placate what Mommy drilled into their head, even though she’s been rotting for decades (Si-Fe). But their Fe makes them so sweet that you’ll trust them until it’s too late.

XNTJ villains: have a plan for total domination that includes sacrificing a large number of innocent people along the way. They are insanely ingenious long-term strategists who can revise their plans if necessary, prone to recklessness and ruling through force by implanting their larger vision either into an existing system or creating a new system.

XNFJ villains: have a long-term strategy either for personal gain, revenge, or a warped sense of idealism that either includes emotionally tormenting you in order to destroy you, or manipulating you to join their cause to annihilate humanity for the greater good of… humanity. They will use their Fe to disarm you into trusting them, then knife you in the back and leave you for dead.

High Speed! Translations and Summaries


So since it seems a number of people are translating/summarizing High Speed!, I thought I’d make an archive/directory post for all the summaries and translations thus far.  

Personally, I highly suggest you read all of them, especially the summaries, since different translators pick up on and include different details from the stories, so you get a number of perspectives on it. 

So without further adieu~

Book 1:

Chapter 1: 

Chapter 2: 

Chapter 3: 

Chapter 4: 

Chapter 5: 

Chapter 6: 

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8: 

Book 2: 

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2: 

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4: 

Chapter 5: 

Chapter 6: 

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9: 

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11: 

Chapter 12: 

Chapter 13: 

If you know of a summary/translation that I have not included here, please message me with a link and I will happily add it! 

I will be updating this as more chapter summaries come out as well, so look forward to it.  


This fandom has a million of these but the Harukisu in episode 8 inspired me and I got carried away

(Screenshots taken by myself, textposts found here - x)